A global approach to safety standards
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Xavier Perret: A global approach to safety standards

Published: September 15, 2021

Encouraging positive safety habits.

Xavier Perret

Xavier Perret, Global Care Director at ENGIE, talks about how taking a global approach to local safety standards is key to drip-feeding good safety protocols across an organisation’s ecosystem and with accidents decreasing, sensitivity to safety issues is becoming more heightened.

It’s important that companies play a role in developing local rules and cultural norms, particularly where safety is not always at the forefront of local business activity. For us, it’s more about applying our own high safety requirements in a uniform way. Having a mix of industrial and service activity expertise is also helpful as it highlights the need to adapt and implement precise and concrete rules to meet the specific safety needs of each activity, while at the same time having an overarching set of global standards to work towards.