Salvador Perez Asturiano: Safety performance through a different lens
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Salvador Perez Asturiano: Looking at safety through a different lens

Published: September 15, 2021

A different approach to measuring safety performance

With an eye on fresh thinking, Salvador Pérez Asturiano, Manager of Technical Coordination and Safety Culture for Repsol in Spain uses his years of experience to unpick what leadership means in today’s safety performance landscape and how measuring safety success needs a new approach.

We often think of safety progress in terms of improvements that have been made through increasing the robustness of processes and implementing training programmes. This is a good and necessary approach to raise standards of safety. But the race to zero incidents can also be a double-edged sword – it provides a necessary target to work towards but the closer you get to zero incidents, maintaining traction to further improve becomes much more difficult. It also becomes counter-productive when there is a mindset that safety targets have almost been achieved. We should always have in mind that safety is something that needs to continually improve in line with new challenges we may face.