Janneco Pothuis: Global pioneer in sustainable water infrastructure
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Janneco Pothuis: Aims and ambitions

Published: September 14, 2021

Global pioneer in sustainable water infrastructure

Inspirational parents helped kickstart Janneco’s interest in safety. Now working for a dynamic company that is a global pioneer in sustainable water infrastructure, she explains why back to basics, applying a human touch and avoiding Mickey Mouse behaviour are essential to achieve safety excellence.

Q. Tell us how your parents inspired you to embark on a career in health and safety?

Janneco: My mother was born at a time when it wasn’t as easy as it is now for females to go to university. As a result, she and my father always treated me, my brother and sister equally and encouraged us to reach our potential in education and chosen career paths. My mother went on to achieve a Masters in her sixties, which is inspiring. Equally, my father was an accident investigator in the insurance industry. So conversations around the dinner table about why explosions were possible even in a powdered milk factory and how things can go terribly wrong without the right approach to safety used to captivate our
imagination and attention as children. I went on to study environmental sciences, specialising in the work environment, which eventually got me to where I am today.