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recycled steel barrels

Raquel Passos Miranda: With a Sustainable Business, Everybody Wins

Raquel Passos Miranda is a firm believer in the relationship between continuous improvement and sustainability. As...

Inside of the washing machine

Roberta Bernasconi: Power of Asking Right Questions

A focus on numbers and facts has provided a firm foundation for Roberta Bernasconi’s career in...

A lady in the mechanical engineering factory setting

Judith Inberg: Viewing Problems as Opportunities

With a lifelong passion for understanding how things physically work, Judith Inberg, CTO for Aalberts Integrated...

Isabela Phoenix header image meadow with a butterfly

Isabella Phoenix: Growing Organically into Strategic Sustainability

An avid gatherer of hidden talent and fresh ideas, Isabella Phoenix, Global Head of Channel Sustainability...


Cristina Bombassei: Developing a Modern Sustainable Business

Named as one of Forbes magazine’s ‘100 successful Italian women’ in 2018, Cristina has been pivotal...

Complexity out of recycling header

How to Take the Complexity out of Recycling in the UK

As Executive Director of not-for-profit On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), Professor Margaret Bates is on a mission...

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Circular Carbon Economy Header

How We Can Move From a Linear to a Circular Carbon Economy

Repurposing waste and emissions to make new products, de-fossilising industry, and mitigating climate change are at...

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Improve energy management

Energy Management: Concrete actions CEOs can take now

Building capabilities to ensure that everyone is energy-aware can help strengthen and drive an organisation towards...

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How to win in times of crisis

With optimistic signs that we are nearing the end stages of the global pandemic crisis, is...

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Impact of cultural aspects on health and safety

Dina Maria : Cultural aspects when developing health and safety

Create an inclusive environment to talk and work with people As a former agricultural engineer in...

Barbara Trautmann on creating a safe work environment

Barbara Trautmann: Safety should be part of your DNA

Creating a safe work environment for the future After spending ten years as a flight instructor...

Industrial manager with tablet talking to supervisor and doing warehouse inventory

Lotte Kaster: Improving and saving lives

The tool of communication is the key With a background in engineering, Lotte’s awareness and passion...

Circular Economy: bridging the gap between policy and implementation

Circular Economy: Bridging the gap between policy and implementation

The concept of Circular Economy (CE) is a new approach to economic systems aimed at reducing...

Woman in a factory setting, in a safety leadership role

Regine Maegerlein: Women in Safety Panel Discussion

The European EHS Leadership Conference, devised by Marcus Evans, on 25-26 March 2021. Executive Summary of...

Manufacture of tires

Marco Fregoso: Joining up the dots on safety in the workplace

Looking at safety figures in isolation doesn’t always achieve the best results. Safety alchemist, Marco Fregoso,...

Safety in manufacturing - italy

Safety in Manufacturing Italy June 2021

Three areas the Italian Manufacturing Industry should address to prevent further fatalities. Improved EHS management moreover...

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