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Eva Trulsson: Flavour of life as a safety professional

Published: September 14, 2021

Embracing health and safety

Eva Trulson

Studying risk management and safety engineering at university first triggered Eva’s interest in safety as a career. Here she gives a flavour of life as a safety
professional in a high-risk industry where a penchant for communication is an asset. She highlights why getting the leaders on board, making it easy to do right and highlighting the positives are her tools of choice for strengthening the safety culture.

Q. What inspires you about your role as a safety professional in the chemical industry?

Eva: I graduated from university with a Master of Science in risk management and safety engineering, so I’ve always been involved in safety. But I think what inspires me working as a safety professional in the chemical industry is that safety is really high on the agenda. Which is great when this is your area of interest. Also, it’s a role where we always strive for improvement as a company, but at an industry level there’s also a willingness for companies to be transparent and work together on improving safety. I think it’s a real privilege to work in an area where you can share good practices as well as failures. It’s a win-win approach as when safety is compromised, it reflects on the industry, and we all suffer the reputational consequences.