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Energy Management: Concrete actions CEOs can take now

Published: September 28, 2021

Building capabilities to ensure that everyone is energy-aware can help strengthen and drive an organisation towards strategic energy management goals.

Approaches to improving capabilities often differ depending on the energy management maturity of the company. Elevating good competencies that spot energy inefficiencies to improving operations to a level where inefficiencies rarely occur takes time and planning depending on the size of the operation and budgets allocated.

Yet, there are some concrete actions that CEOs can take now to improve energy management relatively easily and quickly.

You can’t control what you can’t measure

As energy costs and investments increasingly influence a company’s P&L, monitoring and measuring energy expenditure is a crucial step in a company’s ability to influence and control energy use. Upgrading or installing better energy metering systems and re-evaluating energy supply agreements are cost-effective ways to improve the visibility of energy use. Improving measurement and testing methods by using energy-reading devices that collect data and can be analysed in real-time. These ‘smart’ tools allow companies to build a more accurate picture of their energy use over different periods, helping to identify energy patterns and problems that enable better management of operations.

Edwin Vercruysse

Edwin Vercruysse


Samar Semaan

Samar Semaan

Process Engineer in Oil & Gas