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Why prioritising ESG will finance your future

Q&A with dss+ experts to discuss why private equity (PE) companies are recognising the urgency to...

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“Women Making a Difference” report 2022

In 2021 we interviewed inspirational senior female leaders and gained valuable insights and thoughts from their...

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Tatiana Fogaça Rios: Visible Commitment is Key

With a passion for cultural transformation and change management, Tatiana Fogaça Rios, Digital Services Europe EHS...

ArcelorMittal metal sheet rolls lined up on the factory floor

Julie Malherbe: Understanding How Inputs Impact Outputs

Not afraid to take on a challenge, Julie Malherbe’s career shows that determination is key to...

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Lineke Roberts: Believe in a Better Way of Doing Business

As Global Sustainability Integration Manager at Nespresso, Lineke Roberts believes that creating connections with people is...

Women in a high vis vest and safety helmet, flying a drone

Esther Clemente: Coherence is Key to Strengthening Safety Culture

With a background in engineering and change management, Esther Clemente, Manager of Health, Safety, Environment and...

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Christèle Delbé: Co-ordinating Our Actions for the Common Good

Designing and delivering global sustainability strategies and programmes, alongside being a lecturer at Cambridge Institute for...

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Isabelle Betschart: Ability to see Different Perspectives

Making new connections, taking into account different perspectives and giving time underpin Isabelle Betschart’s values. As...

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Susana Fariñas: Strong Safety Culture is a Continuous Process

With a Master’s in Occupational Risk Management, NEBOSH International General Certificate (OHS) and international HSSE project...

staff with safety helmets in one of Cepsa plants

Ana Berrocal: Establishing Safety Mindset

With a background in process engineering and operations, combined with almost 20 years’ experience of managing...

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Evrim Urcum: True Value Requires Long-Term Thinking

With over 20 years of experience, Evrim Urcum, Head of Sustainability, Region Europe at Omya International...

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Sandra Chabrier-Breil Martin: Safety Starts with Respect

Being open to different cultures and a love of big projects were key elements that led...

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Raquel Henriques: Sustainability is a Journey

As Communication and Sustainability Manager at agricultural group Rovensa, Raquel Henriques believes sustainability is not just...

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Raquel Passos Miranda: With a Sustainable Business, Everybody Wins

Raquel Passos Miranda is a firm believer in the relationship between continuous improvement and sustainability. As...

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Maayke-Aimée Damen: Meeting Circular Economy Ambitions

Working for an NGO and attending United Nations’ sustainability meetings while still in her teens is...

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Roberta Bernasconi: Power of Asking Right Questions

A focus on numbers and facts has provided a firm foundation for Roberta Bernasconi’s career in...

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Ulrika Björkholm: Vital Components of Leadership

A collector of ideas and a love of learning has inspired Ulrika’s progress as a leader...

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Judith Inberg: Viewing Problems as Opportunities

With a lifelong passion for understanding how things physically work, Judith Inberg, CTO for Aalberts Integrated...

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Isabella Phoenix: Growing Organically into Strategic Sustainability

An avid gatherer of hidden talent and fresh ideas, Isabella Phoenix, Global Head of Channel Sustainability...

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Beatrice Lamonica: Keeping Sustainable Business Models on Track

For Beatrice Lamonica, Head of Environmental Strategy and Policies at aerospace, defence and security multinational, Leonardo, a sense of purpose underpins her career choices. Here, she talks to dss⁺ about why leadership support, addressing current market failures and new technology are crucial to keeping sustainable business models on track.

Monica Varas busy metals factory

Monica Varas: Winning Formula for Safety

As the Asturias region’s Head of Health & Safety at steel giant ArcelorMittal, Monica Varas is...

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Andrea Sánchez: Sustainability is not a stand-alone initiative

A bird’s eye view of sustainability’s impact on operations and safety has been a driving force...

Cathy Johnson - a leader in safety and director of industries at DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Cathy Johnson: Powerful Tools to Implement Change

Cathy Johnson, Director of Industries at dss⁺ Europe, explains her reasons for championing dss⁺‘s initiative to...


Cristina Bombassei: Developing a Modern Sustainable Business

Named as one of Forbes magazine’s ‘100 successful Italian women’ in 2018, Cristina has been pivotal...


Top 5 Actions to Make the Italian Food & Beverage Industry a Safe Place to Be

An increase in on-the-job fatalities since 2020 despite falling injury rates demands greater focus on risk...

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Renewable Energy Sustainable Growth Header

Can Renewable Energy Companies Improve Sustainable Growth Ambitions?

As one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), affordable and clean energy is seen...

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What’s happened to LOTO?

Since OSHA first issued a standard procedure for Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) to control energy-related risks back in...

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Paving the Way in Improving Environmental Culture and Performance

Company: A major European Pulp & Paper company Country: Europe Sector: Pulp & Paper – Renewable...

Reduce ORM programme fail rate header

How to Reduce the Fail Rate of Operational Risk Management Programmes

CEOs are well aware of the many risks associated with business operations that can ultimately hit...

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Stakeholder Engagement header

Building a Modern Stakeholder Engagement Framework for Land Development Projects

Effective stakeholder engagement has always played a key role in the success of land development projects....

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Mining Needs to Function Like a Ballet to Improve its ESG Performance

In a world which is increasingly focused on sustainability and the transition to a low-carbon economy,...

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More Sustainable F&B Business Header

Cultivating a More Sustainable F&B Business Model

The food and beverage (F&B) industry has a unique relationship with agriculture. Dependent on each other...

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Complexity out of recycling header

How to Take the Complexity out of Recycling in the UK

As Executive Director of not-for-profit On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), Professor Margaret Bates is on a mission...

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Move to green hydrogen header

Is the Move to Green Hydrogen a Step Closer?

Once a bit-part player in Europe’s transition to sustainable energy, hydrogen is now set to perform...

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Waste Management Lens header

Why We Need to Look at Waste Management Through a Different Lens

While the disposal and treatment of waste is a growing burden expected to reach 2.2 billion...

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water dam

Building the Foundations for Treating Wastewater as a Resource

Water treatment is high on the sustainability agenda as we explore ways to improve global water...

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Oil and Gas plant man walking into the sunset

3 Success Factors to Strengthen the Oil & Gas Industry’s Net-Zero Journey

The oil & gas industry has definitely sat up and listened to the call for action...

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Circular Carbon Economy Header

How We Can Move From a Linear to a Circular Carbon Economy

Repurposing waste and emissions to make new products, de-fossilising industry, and mitigating climate change are at...

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4 Considerations When Setting up a Gamification Programme

Every company faces challenges in training and developing competencies in their workforce. The traditional instructor-led classroom...

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Digital: The New Path to Safety

DSS impact story. Our client, a European leader in the industry of fertiliser products and derivatives, started a major business transformation to accelerate growth and add value, placing EHS as a key pillar of the entire transformation journey.

Taking the long view in sustainability leadership

Taking the Long View in Sustainability Leadership

The role of sustainability has changed dramatically in a corporate context. How are business leaders approaching...

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Making a Genuine Difference to Employee Mental Health

The increase in psychosocial risks requires a stronger focus on building individual mental health and emotional...

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A lady leader leading the meeting

How to Set the Scene to Improve Sustainability Success

We get it. Companies have many daily operational, compliance and shareholder pressures to contend. Include sustainability...

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Annemie Godts: diversity and health and safety

Annemie Godts: We have to change the way we work

Since starting her career as a bio-engineer, Annemie now combines her experience in health, safety, the...

Chocolate making factory automated measuring dispenser

Sari Sarin: Promote good actions long term

Graduating as a civil engineer, a Master’s thesis on reducing emission levels at traffic intersections was...

Why leaders in the Renewable Energy sector need to humanise Risk Awareness

Why leaders in Renewable Energy need to humanise Risk Awareness

Renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy source globally. Renewables are expected to supply 45% of global...

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DSS thought leadership - effective management routines boost safety and performance

How Effective Management Routines can boost Operational Excellence and Safety Performance at the same time

How do you increase operational discipline and create a sense of ownership for safety and performance...

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Improve energy management

Energy Management: Concrete actions CEOs can take now

Building capabilities to ensure that everyone is energy-aware can help strengthen and drive an organisation towards...

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How to win in times of crisis

With optimistic signs that we are nearing the end stages of the global pandemic crisis, is...

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A global approach to safety standards

Xavier Perret: A global approach to safety standards

Encouraging positive safety habits. Xavier Perret, Global Care Director at ENGIE, talks about how taking a...

Salvador Perez Asturiano: Safety performance through a different lens

Salvador Perez Asturiano: Looking at safety through a different lens

A different approach to measuring safety performance With an eye on fresh thinking, Salvador Pérez Asturiano,...

Paper and pulp mill

Rob Batstone: Winning the battle for hearts and minds

Raising safety standards through communication With Manchester roots and a career spanning a range of industry...

Top 5 Drivers to reach: Safety Excellence

Top 5 Drivers to reach: Safety Excellence

Highlighting women’s specific safety opinions and ideas There is no magic formula to health and safety...

Impact of cultural aspects on health and safety

Dina Maria : Cultural aspects when developing health and safety

Create an inclusive environment to talk and work with people As a former agricultural engineer in...

Creative molecule background

Eva Trulsson: Flavour of life as a safety professional

Embracing health and safety Studying risk management and safety engineering at university first triggered Eva’s interest...

Thinking about workplace safety in a more holistic way

Maria Pia De Caro: Safety of the body and mind

Thinking about workplace safety in a more holistic way With a passion for safety and a...

Barbara Trautmann on creating a safe work environment

Barbara Trautmann: Safety should be part of your DNA

Creating a safe work environment for the future After spending ten years as a flight instructor...

Industrial manager with tablet talking to supervisor and doing warehouse inventory

Lotte Kaster: Improving and saving lives

The tool of communication is the key With a background in engineering, Lotte’s awareness and passion...

Janneco Pothuis: Global pioneer in sustainable water infrastructure

Janneco Pothuis: Aims and ambitions

Global pioneer in sustainable water infrastructure Inspirational parents helped kickstart Janneco’s interest in safety. Now working...

Evelyn Joos: Health and safety management must-haves

Evelyn Joos: Health and safety must-haves

Leadership, risk management and a go-getting attitude From a materials engineer in research, Evelyn’s move into...

Peju Arenyeka: Health and safety performance

Peju Arenyeka: Health and safety behaviour improvement

Health and Safety Performance moving in the right direction Peju’s experience is initially in food safety....

Christine Becard: Connectivity is key in safety

Christine Becard: Connectivity is key in safety

Working in safety is an opportunity to build bridges. Christine’s organisational skills led her from procurement...

Aude Menseau: Developing an agile employee safety culture

Aude Menseau: Developing an agile health and safety culture

The power of communication and agility when it comes to ensuring employee safety. With a clear...

wood worker storage

Paula Monteiro: Changing people’s attitude to safety culture

Paula has always been drawn to ensuring her teams were happy, so moving into health and...

Joana Godinho Dos Santos: Health and Safety technology

Joana Godinho Dos Santos: different perspectives to H&S issues

Having decided to move from Portugal to Germany to pursue a career in health and safety,...

VR Ana Ferreira Interview

Ana Ferreira: Safety does not stop at the end of the working day

Starting her career as an environmental engineer, Ana’s safety journey has been progressive. From dealing with...

Circular Economy: bridging the gap between policy and implementation

Circular Economy: Bridging the gap between policy and implementation

The concept of Circular Economy (CE) is a new approach to economic systems aimed at reducing...

Woman in a factory setting, in a safety leadership role

Regine Maegerlein: Women in Safety Panel Discussion

The European EHS Leadership Conference, devised by Marcus Evans, on 25-26 March 2021. Executive Summary of...

Panel of The European EHS Leadership Conference on 25-26 March 2021

Laure Girodet: Women in Safety Panel Discussion

The European EHS Leadership Conference, devised by Marcus Evans, on 25-26 March 2021. Executive Summary of...


Laura Pisani : Safety is not exclusive to the workplace

After graduating with a degree in environmental engineering, Laura developed a passion for workplace safety. Here...


Transforming the operating safety culture at SIAAP

Created in 1970, the SIAAP – Interdepartmental Syndicate for the Sanitation of the Paris Agglomeration –...

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Pedro Moreira: Human behaviour as a safety lever

Pedro Moreira: Human behaviour as a safety lever

When most of a company’s employees work remotely, adapting human behaviour is a key driver when...

Manufacture of tires

Marco Fregoso: Joining up the dots on safety in the workplace

Looking at safety figures in isolation doesn’t always achieve the best results. Safety alchemist, Marco Fregoso,...

Forklift truck grabs wood in wood processing plant

Magnus Karlsson: How to make safety results work in your favour

Magnus Karlsson discusses how taking a pragmatic approach to improving safety in the workplace helps to...

James Cook: Adopting a forward view on safety

James Cook: Adopting a forward view on safety

You need to turn over a lot of different rocks before you can define what a...

Frederic Delorme: Open your eyes to broader safety issues

Frederic Delorme: Open your eyes to broader safety issues

Frédéric Delorme, CEO, SNCF Freight explains why taking a broader approach to health and safety can...

Frank Forster: Every incident matters

Frank Forster: Every incident matters

Applying equal importance to every incident helps demonstrate that safety is a key priority. Frank Forster,...

How to make health and safety more resilient

How to make health and safety more resilient

Leaders know the importance of planning and delivering successful health, safety and sustainability programmes. But the...

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Safety in manufacturing - italy

Safety in Manufacturing Italy June 2021

Three areas the Italian Manufacturing Industry should address to prevent further fatalities. Improved EHS management moreover...

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Three enablers for Europe’s renewable energy growth

Three growth enablers for Europe’s renewable energy market

There is little doubt that the drivers of renewable energy growth continue to remain strong. Total...

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Work Colleagues Talking

Three ESG trends set to impact private equity in 2021

As interest in sustainability grows, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are high on the list...

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Is the rail industry on track to meet its sustainable future?

Is the rail industry on track to meet its sustainable future?

Organisations and companies involved in the rail industry and wider transport sector are entering a new...

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food production brocolli

Reforming Food Safety

The high importance of food safety is plain to everyone involved in the industry. Yet there...

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European Safety Report 2021: 5 safety actions to implement

European Safety Report 2021: 5 actions to implement

Moving from good to great Safety is non-negotiable. But how we move the dial from a...

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