Aude Menseau: Developing an agile employee safety culture
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Aude Menseau: Developing an agile health and safety culture

Published: September 13, 2021

The power of communication and agility when it comes to ensuring employee safety.

Aude Menseau Profile

With a clear passion for safety in and out of the workplace, Aude Menseau, Health and Safety Director at Biscuits St Michel, explains the importance of agility and how company culture and leadership are crucial factors in driving employee safety initiatives forward.

Q: What inspires you about improving health and safety?

Aude: I started as a food safety director, which is a role that is never too far from health and safety. So I’ve always had a professional interest. I then got interested in the policy side and how they were written and conveyed to employees. Linking up these objectives achieved some substantial improvements. Therefore I was given the resources which has enabled me to develop a much more robust health and safety culture.

From a personal perspective, I can also track this interest back to the fact that I see health and safety as something that does not remain within the walls of an office, a factory or indeed a home. It’s something we need to focus on wherever we are; we need to live it.

It’s not about telling employees to follow safety rules; it’s about convincing them that their actions make a difference.

Aude Menseau, Health & Safety Director, Biscuits St Michel