Peju Arenyeka: Health and safety performance
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Peju Arenyeka: Health and safety behaviour improvement

Published: September 14, 2021

Health and Safety Performance moving in the right direction

Peju’s experience is initially in food safety. Overseeing a root cause analysis and lessons learnt from a laboratory accident triggered Peju’s passion for Health and Safety. Here she talks about why a skill for creating order out of chaos, an analytical mind and human interaction has helped her keep Health and Safety Performance moving in the right direction.

Q. What is it about health and safety that inspires and keeps you motivated?

Peju: I find the deep dive into the legal requirements and the challenge of learning how to apply those rules compelling. Then there is the exciting part of using that knowledge to strategically plan fit-for-purpose health and safety programmes for a business. Getting buy-in and then putting health and safety systems in place that really makes a difference. There is always a lot of business information and data given to you from different business areas that require evaluation and analysis before controls can be implemented adequately. So an ability to create order out of chaos helps to make sense of what is important and beneficial.

I have had the unique perspective of working in health and safety across several different industries. These include enforcement, transport, construction and various food industries. This experience has enabled me to address and implement strategies that positively influence people’s knowledge and practice of health and safety. This inspires me. I took up my current role during the COVID-19 lockdown and although it was a daunting time riddled with unknowns, knowing that I could adapt my previous kills and learnings enabled me to hit the ground running.