VR Ana Ferreira Interview
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Ana Ferreira: Safety does not stop at the end of the working day

Published: September 8, 2021

Starting her career as an environmental engineer, Ana’s safety journey has been progressive.

Ana Ferreira Global Environment Health and Safety Director Aptiv EDS

From dealing with safety issues at the epicentre of the pandemic in China to seeing safety first hand in new technologies for autonomous vehicles, she explains how a passion for the environment, a focus on acquiring knowledge, and a deep desire to protect others keeps her motivated.

Q: What would you say are the attributes you rely on in your current role?

Ana: I believe that we can learn from experience, but I’m also a believer that gaining in-depth knowledge on a topic is equally important. Although I have an engineering degree, it was this desire to improve my safety knowledge that encouraged me to take on further studies. I was already working as an engineer with a family to take care of, so perseverance and dedication certainly helped! I also think not being afraid of a challenge helps, Particularly as I’m now contributing to improving environmental, health, safety and sustainability across Aptiv’s operations in 44 countries with a total of 160,000 employees. My inspiration comes from a deep desire to protect others. For me, it’s all about wanting employees to return safe and well to their families after they finish work.