European Safety Report 2021: 5 safety actions to implement
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European Safety Report 2021: 5 actions to implement

Published: August 24, 2021

Moving from good to great

Safety is non-negotiable. But how we move the dial from a good safety performance record to a great one is not simply about removing hazards and institutionalising safety rules and procedures. It’s about adopting a culture in which leaders strive to gain a better understanding of the mindsets and behaviours of employees. It requires digging below the obvious to find out what triggers safe and unsafe behaviour and which leadership actions genuinely cause employees to change their actions and mindsets when it comes to safety.

In a world where change is now the constant, we need to reassess our attitudes and actions to safety more frequently and seek the collective thoughts of the industry from a range of different perspectives; from employees, employers, regulators and service providers to measure progress and gather inspiration. It’s an approach we take seriously and one that has helped us to achieve top EHS consulting brand for the fourth year in a row in the Verdantix Global Corporate Survey 20201 on EHS Providers1. As they say, we walk the talk!

Cedric Parentelli

Cedric Parentelli

EMEA Managing Director